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We transform leisure centres into intelligent energy consumers

Demonstrable savings shield leisure centres from financial instability

Proven changes to operations puts leisure centres in control of energy efficiency

Boost leisure management bids with forward thinking proposals proving your insight into energy management

Leave a legacy of lower consumption and a better quality environment for customers

Energy is the second highest overhead for leisure centres

Leisure centres have a unique energy footprint: demands are high over long hours of operation combined with high levels of humidity and aggressive treated wet environments.

Leisure Energy is an energy saving consultancy working with leisure centres to understand their 24 hour energy usage and manage it more efficiently.  Our unique approach to saving energy originates from:

  • Our building science approach to projects – we work to maximise a building’s performance through better energy management.
  • Our business approach – our background is in designing leisure schemes that drive up revenue and participation at leisure centres with demonstrable ROI.

We help leisure centres to monitor, control and reduce consumption consistently.  This leads to significant savings, operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.  In 2014 we helped secure 75% of the leisure management contracts which included our energy saving proposals.

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% gas saved each year

Completed projects

Worcestershire: A leisure centre in Malvern Hills is seeing 51% of savings in their gas usage and 47% in their electricity usage after working together with Leisure Energy on reducing their energy consumption. The payback for their capital investment is set to be achieved in under 3.5 years giving them savings of over £50,000 a year.


kWh of gas saved each year

Completed projects

London: A North London leisure centre is significantly reducing its annual energy consumption thanks to its partnership with Leisure Energy.  Despite the current low energy tariffs, their investment of £172,000 including all professional fees will be paid back in 2.8 years.  The savings being delivered are 702,136 kWh of gas and 409,932 kWh of electricity each year.  Over a 15 year management contract these savings are estimated to be worth nearly £1million (at March 2016 energy prices).

kWh of gas saved each year

Current projects

Central Wales: Leisure Energy is on site delivering energy saving works to 5 leisure centres in Central Wales.  The innovative approach to energy savings used by the Leisure Trust in partnership with Leisure Energy helped secure these leisure management contracts.  The works will reduce CO2 by 970 tonnes per annum – equivalent to 2,910,970 miles in a car. Gas use is predicted to reduce by 3,500,000 kWh and electric by 960,000 kWh each year.

kWh of gas will be saved each year

Forthcoming projects

Sussex: Another successful contract awarded to a leading Leisure Trust with the support of Leisure Energy is taking place in Sussex.  The works are due to start by summer 2016 and are expected to reduce CO2 by 270 tonnes per annum, equivalent to 810,270 miles in a car. The predicted gas reduction is 650,000 kWh and electricity should reduce by 339,000 kWh each year.

kWh of gas will be saved each year

North Wales: A further 4 leisure centres will be upgraded in Wales in 2016 with the support of Leisure Energy saving 2,206,000 kWh of gas and 418000 kWh of electricity.