We transform leisure centres into intelligent energy consumers

Demonstrable savings shield leisure centres from financial instability

Proven changes to operations puts leisure centres in control of energy efficiency

Boost leisure management bids with forward thinking proposals proving your insight into energy management

Leave a legacy of lower consumption and a better quality environment for customers

What we do

Leisure Energy is a sector leading energy saving consultancy working with a range of leisure operators to understand their 24 hour energy usage and subsequently manage it more efficiently. Our unique approach to saving energy originates from:

  • Working to maximise a building’s performance through improved energy management, monitoring and effective controls.
  • The design and project management of the installation of energy conservation measures (ECMs), which use the latest proven technologies to reduce consumption and the facility’s carbon footprint.
  • Reducing consumption, the operator’s utility costs will be significantly lowered, off-setting to some extent any price volatility, whilst improving internal environmental conditions for its customers and staff.

We specialise in the energy management of leisure centres, whether existing or new build, but we also work in the hospitality and education sectors, in particular where they have swimming pools.

Energy is the second highest overhead for leisure centres

Leisure centres have a unique energy footprint: demands are high over long hours of operation, especially those facilities with swimming pools, and is the leisure operator’s second highest cost. This, coupled with fluctuating utility prices caused by world and financial events, can result in a high degree of uncertainty and a significant cost pressure on the bottom line.

Of the 5,000 or so leisure centres in the UK, over 3,000 of them are over 20 years old and are likely not to be energy efficient. The Carbon Trust have estimated if leisure centres could reduce their energy consumption by 10% this would result in a saving of £70m that could be used to make our communities ‘more active, more often’.

Project Funding

Leisure Energy can provide a funding solution for our clients. This enables the installation cost to be spread over a fixed term period and paid for from the associated energy savings, rather than upfront CAPEX payments. This will allow the operator to use their capital on customer facing types of investment and/or health and wellbeing initiatives.

carbon tonnes to be saved per annum

In progress

Wales: Work is underway at 5 leisure facilities in Swansea and the ECM’s being installed include new LED lighting in selected areas at each centre, replacement air handling units and solar thermal systems. Once these works are completed, carbon savings are estimated in the region of 469 tonnes per annum.


GBP of annual savings

Completed project

Derbyshire Dales: Leisure Energy has recently completed energy upgrade works at Arc Leisure Matlock and Bakewell Leisure Centre. These upgrades included LED lighting and new showers within the pool area at Arc and a new air handling unit at Bakewell.  Estimated annual savings will result in the equivalent of 13,548 showers, CO2 emissions from 31 cars and the power from 566 LCD televisions per year

tonnes of CO2 saved per annum

Completed project

Powys County Council: Completed works to a value of £209,000 at Brecon Leisure Centre are bringing in annual energy savings of 21% for electricity and 18% for gas. This equates to annual saving of £23,357 at this centre.

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