Leisure Energy energy assessment

Energy assessment 

Our energy assessments are backed by a money back guarantee. Initially, our energy assessments involve a desktop survey taking the utility bill information and half hourly data readings from your centre.

We will then meet with your facilities management / energy team on site and undertake an assessment which helps build a detailed picture of the energy usage of the facility.

A comprehensive report is produced with a breakdown of the potential savings, the reduction in CO2 and the payback period of any proposed ECMs.

The majority of our energy saving recommendations have a payback period within 3-7 years and there is no obligation on you to undertake work after receiving our report.

Energy assessments can be bought as a standalone service.

Money back guarantee

We are confident you will find that the energy assessment will identify significant sustainable savings, but if we are unable to find any, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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