Leisure Energy saving carbon

Why save energy?


Reduce carbon emissions

A great deal has been said about carbon emissions and nations, including the UK, are signing up to targets to reduce their carbon emissions if we are to limit the impact of climate change. Reducing energy consumption contributes to the UK government’s carbon targets.

Save on utility consumption

Leisure facilities consume vast amounts of power over long hours of operation. At one of our most recent project in Eckington, Derbyshire we have reduced the gas consumption by 100%.

Reduce operational costs

Installing new proven ECMs reduces the operator’s second highest cost, energy. In addition, these ECMs will require less maintenance than old and outdated plant, again improving the operator’s bottom line.

Improve the environment for your customers and staff

It is paramount to ensure that the plant and equipment are working at optimum levels. This will result in a higher level of efficiency and improves the environment for both your customers and for staff to work in. For example, air handling units in pools set to correct levels and installed at the appropriate height ensures humid air is taken out of the pool hall effectively and enables modulated fresh air to circulate freely. Customer satisfaction levels and staff comfort increase through better air handling management.

Secure more leisure management contracts

Leisure Energy can assist those leisure operators who work within the local authority leisure management contract market, by providing energy saving initiatives that can be included in their submission, thus enabling them to offer a more competitive tender.

Demonstrating to local authorities that operational costs can be reduced, builds a robust business case. Our reports are devised from understanding the current energy data and the financial benefits of any ECMs which clearly show the return on investment. Leisure management operators who have utilised our services have secured 80% of their tendered contracts when including our energy saving proposals.

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