Net Zero Pod

​​We have developed a unique, innovative and highly efficient solution (sCoP 4.5+) for the sector to make decarbonisation more affordable through our packaged plant room the ‘Net Zero Pod’.

The Net Zero Pod delivers:

  • An innovative and pioneering application of heat pump and green technology.
  • An acoustic Packaged Plant Room for better quality control and ease of installation / commissioning. Designed and built off-site at our Technology Centre.
  • The use of refrigerant R744 which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1.
  • The capability of delivering sCOP’s of 4.5+.
  • Significantly more efficiency with lower running costs – compelling ROI and better value for money.
  • 50°C and 75°C (up to 90°C) flow and return circuits as standard.
  • Chilled circuit upgrade available – for “free” cooling Studios, Gym, Soft play etc.
  • Making decarbonisation affordable and uniquely suited to Swimming Pools in particular.

The Net Zero Pod is designed and built at the Leisure Energy Technology Centre in Kidderminster, Worcestershire in the UK.






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