We transform leisure centres into intelligent energy consumers

Demonstrable savings shield leisure centres from financial instability

Proven changes to operations puts leisure centres in control of energy efficiency

Boost leisure management bids with forward thinking proposals proving your insight into energy management

Leave a legacy of lower consumption and a better quality environment for customers

Energy is the second highest overhead for leisure centres

Leisure centres have a unique energy footprint: demands are high over long hours of operation combined with high levels of humidity and aggressive treated wet environments.

Leisure Energy is an energy saving consultancy working with leisure operators to understand their 24 hour energy usage and manage it more efficiently.  Our unique approach to saving energy originates from:

  • Our building science approach to projects – we work to maximise a building’s performance through better energy management.
  • Our business approach – our background is in designing leisure schemes that drive up revenue and participation at leisure centres with demonstrable ROI.

We help leisure centres to monitor, control and reduce consumption consistently.  This leads to significant savings, operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.  In 2017 we helped secure 80% of the leisure management contracts which included our energy saving proposals.

carbon tonnes to be saved per annum

In progress

North West: Leisure Energy have been developing energy strategies for a new build leisure centre in the North West with a longstanding pre-existing client.  With proven case studies at over 10 existing leisure centres, the Leisure Trust was keen to work with us again to include an extensive energy management programme on the new leisure centre.  This project comes as part of a wider initiative to upgrade at least two other centres in the area that would lead to a combined saving of over 440,000 tonnes of carbon.


GBP of annual savings

Completed project

Staffordshire:  Leisure Energy has been pleased to start a number of energy reduction projects across the North of England.  One leisure centre we have been working with is starting to reap the rewards of an investment that will enable them to achieve nearly £70,000 worth of saving every year with just a 3.5 year payback after investing in the improvements proposed by Leisure Energy.  This will save over 435m3 of water consumption annually.

tonnes of CO2 saved per annum

Completed project

East Northamptonshire: Leisure Energy continues to identify huge savings for leisure centres with almost £69,000 a year being saved at one leisure centre.  This equates to £4,200 being saved on water usage alone and over 450 tonnes of CO2 being reduced.  The updates to the infrastructure of the leisure centre will see a reduction in both electricity and gas usage by over 60% respectively.


reduction in gas consumption

Completed project

South East:  A leisure centre in the South East with very high energy consumption is working with Leisure Energy to reduce carbon emissions by 100 tonnes every year.  This means that gas and electricity consumption is being reduced by 38% and 19% respectively.


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