Why Save Energy?


Improve the environment for your customers and staff

Equipment that works at optimum levels is more efficient and improves the environment for your customers. For example, air handling units in pools set to correct levels and installed at the appropriate height ensures humid air is taken out of the pool hall effectively, and lets fresh air circulate freely. Comfort and customer satisfaction levels increase through better energy management


Contribute to local authority carbon targets

If you work with a local authority to deliver leisure services, reducing energy consumption contributes to local Government carbon targets. Helping your clients achieve their energy goals improves relationships and strengthens the partnership.


Secure more leisure management contracts

Leisure Trusts can offer more competitive bids for leisure management contracts by including energy saving initiatives. Demonstrating to local authorities operational costs can be reduced builds a robust business case. Our reports are underpinned with data from comparable energy efficient sites to clearly show return on investment.

In 2017 we have helped secure 80% of the leisure management contracts which have included our energy saving proposals.


Reduce operational costs

Energy saving improves the lifetime of your plant, heating and lighting equipment. Many energy networks are overworked with leisure centres not realising the entire system does not need to be run continuously. Exhausted equipment has a shorter lifespan and attracts higher maintenance costs.

The Carbon Trust estimate £70m a year can be saved if leisure centres reduced their energy by 10%.


Save on utility consumption

Leisure centres consume vast amounts of power over long hours of operation. We’ve identified savings of up to 20% for some customers through better energy management.  Our biggest success story is one leisure centre which has saved 80% on energy costs since working with our energy consultants.

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