Leisure Energy’s 12 energy saving tips for Christmas:

1. Switch to LED xmas lights -LED’s use 90% less energy – one string could save tonnes of CO2

2. Put your lights on a timer – at the office or home, don’t leave them on when not required

3. Buy gifts without batteries or electricity usage – go for those traditional presents

4. Use Fibre Optic Decorations -trees and decorations are the ultimate in hashtagenergyefficiency. Most use a single bulb

5. Turn the thermostat down when the house is full -all those bodies generating extra heat! Just 1 degree could save you 10% on your bill

6. Be oven savvy -only use it when cooking several dishes at once -use your microwave for one off dishes

7. Compare the consumption on electronic gifts before you buy

8. Switch off computers/equipment. Leaving 1 on over xmas can produce equivalent CO2 of 3 lifesize inflatable santas!

9. Adjust your heating -change time settings & lower temperatures when you’re out for meals

10. Using your Alexa for music? turn it down -the louder the volume, the more energy required!

11. Closing your office for xmas? – check your BMS energy settings -turn down to reduce hours of usage

12. Make a note for a new year resolution -do an energy audit in 2020

Merry Christmas from our team!


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