Work is underway on the energy efficiency installations at Torbay Leisure Centre to lower the carbon emissions at the facility and future proof for the future.
The new equipment includes:
· two air source heat pumps which will provide heat for the water for both the pool and the heating system;
· 476 solar voltaic panels on the roof which generate electricity for the centre;
· Renovated ventilation to ensure the correct air temperature is maintained in the pool and sports halls.
· 474 LED light fittings within the pool hall, sports hall and gym, corridors, and squash courts.
The project is funded through the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme grant of £1.85m which was secured by operating partner Parkwood Leisure in collaboration with Torbay Council received earlier in the year.  The project is being delivered by Parkwood Leisure and Leisure Energy; once the installations are completed, the carbon emission saving is estimated to be 318 tonnes, or the equivalent of 318 hot air balloons per year will contribute to the Council’s net zero emissions target.

Torbay Leisure Centre

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